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Character Design / Illustration

At the heart of the audio cable company, Hemingway lies an unwavering mission: to redefine signal transmission and liberate sound from limitations. The cables embrace a natural path, flowing like whispers in the air, free from rigidity. In this spirit, the Hemingway characters are created to embody their cable's fluid elegance – a visual homage to the design's grace.

Delving deeper, I depicted the intricate mechanics of our revolutionary FMCF technique through vibrant visuals, capturing its essence with creativity, and also intricately mapped the structural complexities of our cables, blending artistry with engineering expertise.


Character Design









Character inspired by cable shape of Hemingway

Z- Core is the latest and most significant cable line of Hemingway, the first and only magnetic field in the world. Applying the simplified shapes of the z-core cable to the project emphasizes the uniqueness and high-level class of Hemingway's technology that never existed before. 

Unselected Concepts

FMCF technology illustration

FMCF technology is the world’s first control of vibration and magnetic fields and reverse air currents. This patent-acquired innovation, known as Frequency Modulation Cavity Fundamentals (FMCF), redefines the norm.

FMCF is the principle of frequency modulation co-production Hemingway’s proprietary technology that combines frequency and magnetic field and the barbell generated by the impedance, which causes a huge loss in the signal.

The illustration showcases how FMCF technology works and distinguishes itself from other cable brands.

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KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-10-13-19-47-54 009
KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-10-13-19-47-59 011
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Audio Cable Structure Illustration

Backed by 13 years of experimental data, FMCF allows for the flexible adjustment of desired sound quality and band balance. This innovation ushers in an unparalleled auditory experience, setting a new benchmark for excellence.