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Logo Animation

Motion Graphic

Creating Playful Logo Animation for Iconic Brands - Nike, Airbnb, and Baskin Robbins 31.

In this project, our aim was to infuse a touch of vibrancy and charm into the logo animations for three renowned brands - Nike, Airbnb, and Baskin Robbins 31. My approach revolved around crafting animations that are approachable, artistic, and exude a sense of fun. By employing simple yet captivating illustrations, we successfully achieved an atmosphere that is engaging, without being overly formal.


Logo Animation

Motion Graphic


After Effect



SCAD Project



The Airbnb animation transports viewers to a world of adventure, portraying travel as an exciting journey. Baskin Robbins 31 animation reflects the brand's delicious offerings through an artful, delightful presentation. Lastly, for Nike, the animation captures the dynamism and energy the brand is known for, with a playful twist.

Across all three animations, our intent was to create a sense of friendliness, connecting viewers with each brand on a more relatable level. Through this approach, we've breathed life into these logos, making them not just symbols, but inviting personalities that resonate with audiences.

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